Early History of Casino in Indonesia, Especially in Java Island

Hearing the word Casino in Indonesia will probably sound weirdest. But believe it or not, during the VOC occupation there was a legitimate casino in the Batavia fortress. This is what we will peel on our first article. Here’s a review of the history of casino beginnings in Indonesia and also like a legacy for online casino owners as the pioneer of starting the gambling online platform.

During the VOC Occupation

During the VOC occupation in Indonesia precisely in Batavia in 1620. For obtaining high tax revenue, the VOC handed over permission to the Chinese Kapitan to open a casino inside or the fortress of Batavia. Souw Beng Kong became the casino manager and weigh houses for Chinese people. Kapitan found 20% of the results of the casino-casino tax that opened in Batavia. The game used is only two types.


In the beginning of the casino in Indonesia, the game contained only two games, namely dice and card games. Both of these games come from traditional Chinese games. Because at that time a game like Baccarat, Roulette, or Blackjack was not yet born. Because card and dice gambling games are from China and were first available in their time, the following games were available at that time.

Dice Game

The dice gambling game at that time was the opposite of that found at the online casino at this time. The choice of bets is only large or small. Unlike now what has been most varied with more types of bets. And the dice used is still made of stone and not precision.

Card Games

In addition to dice games, there are also card games during the legal casino time in Batavia. Card games provided are also Capjiki games. At that time, playing cards were like those which at this time were not used in sophisticated casinos. That way the card gambling game available is a game of Capjiki. However, the full use of the matter until now has not been found.

Casino Development in Indonesia

During the reign of Governor Ali Sadikin, casinos were legal in Indonesia. But in contrast to the casino during the VOC, in the time of Bang Ali, the games provided were more sophisticated such as deft balls and even roulette. After the term of office expires, return gambling is prohibited in Indonesia. Because it is business that causes a lot of gambling businesses to run online.

That is our review of the history of casino beginnings in Indonesia. Hopefully reading to this article can increase your knowledge about gambling photos in Indonesia.

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