4 Theory of Hindu Civilization That Developed in Indonesia

The entry of Hinduism into Indonesia is the longest period. The ancient Hindu religion that was present in the Indian mainland, entered Indonesia in a number of ways. Based on information from history, the entry of Hinduism into Indonesia is not separated from trade activities between Indian merchants and traders in the archipelago. But if we follow only one theory, you will not be able to learn more about the history of Hinduism in Indonesia. Below this will be broadly conveyed about the entry of Hinduism to Indonesia according to some versions.

The entry of Hinduism to Indonesia according to the History list
According to the history list, the entry of Hinduism into Indonesia is allegedly around the beginning of the fourth century. This is marked by the establishment of Kutai and Tarumanegara’s Hindu-style marriage. The presence of Hinduism into Indonesia marks the end of prehistoric times in Indonesia. The characteristics of the prehistoric change is in the writing of the writing. This is illustrated by a number of inscriptions found in the Kingdom of Tarumanegara that use Pallawa’s writings, the original Indian article. This shows that, Hinduism entered Indonesia and completed prehistoric times in Indonesia, stepping on the historical period.

Hindu Religion Carrier Enter Indonesia
Many theories convey how Hinduism entered Indonesia. Theories about the carrier of Hinduism into Indonesia are:

  • The Brahmin Theory

Brahman’s theory is conveyed by Van Leur. Van Leur assumes that Hinduism is brought by all Brahmins or all priests to Indonesia he assumes as such because all Brahmins are the ones who know the vedic book. In addition, Bhrahmanans who are responsible for the spread of Hinduism, belong to Indonesia.

The theory to this knight was invented by Majundar, Moekrji and Nehru. They wrote that Hinduism was brought by all Indian soldiers who wanted to conquer Indonesia and spread Hinduism. But seeing the existence of the kingdom in Indonesia, there is no single kingdom under Indian domination, although India’s influence in the Hindu kingdom in Indonesia is strongest, because the Indonesian nation at that time embraced Hinduism.

  • Waisya Theory

Waisya theory is conveyed by Krom. Based on information from Krom, Hinduism entered into Indonesia brought by all traders or groups waisya, The proof is not a few traders from India who beriaga in Indonesia then they spread the Hindu religion in Indonesia. This theory is strong, because since ancient times, the nations in the archipelago known as a great sword and sailor. So the interaction between the merchants in the archipelago with the sword of India most possible.

  • Sudra Theory

Another theory writes that Hinduism is carried by all slaves or groups of Shudra, they spread the Hindu religion for wanting to change their fate. The Sudra people who are the lowest group in the Hindu caste stratum enter Indonesia to earn a better life. But, this theory is not too strong, because rationally, the influence of the Sudra to spread Hinduism is not too great in provoking people in the archipelago

  • Reverse Flow theory

This backlash theory claims that the nation in the archipelago studied Hindu religion in India and then spread it back home in Indonesia. This theory is strong, but according to the history list, people in the archipelago just learn Hindu Religion to India (center of Hindu Religion) after a number of kingdoms in the archipelago adheres to Hinduism. This is illustrated from the history of the Sriwijaya kingdom, which sent a number of people to study Hinduism in India.

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