4 Reasons Why Indonesians Easily Accept Hindu Buddhist Teachings

There are not a few theories that struggle to explain how the process of entry of Hindu and Buddhist doctrines to Indonesia. However, apart from the whole theory, in fact these two religions has become a popular religion that followed the majority of Indonesian society at that time. The acceptance of the people and people of Indonesia at that time can not be separated from the existence of some of the underlying arguments. Here we will explain the argument why the people of Indonesia are easy to accept the whole Buddhist Buddhist doctrine with the proofs.

Why Indonesians Easily Receive Hindu Buddhist Teachings?
There are at least 4 propositions underlying why the people of Indonesia are easy to accept the doctrine of Hindu Buddhism in the past. The four arguments are the people of Indonesia who still do not know the religion, the nature of the open people, the common cultural similarities between Buddhist Hinduism with local beliefs, and the influence of the ruler of the archipelago at that time.

1. Indonesian people are not familiar with religion

The first reason behind why Indonesian people are easy to accept the Hindu Buddhist doctrine is the fact that the people of the archipelago at that time are still not familiar with religion. They are merely familiar with animistic beliefs and dynamism with limited knowledge. The arrival of the Indians who then spread the new teachings more perfect make them interested to learn it.

From the historical evidence available, Indonesian people’s interest in Buddhist Hindu religious doctrine is demonstrated by their active attitude to study the doctrine of both religions by coming directly to India.

Nalanda inscriptions found in South India for example, shows the request of the king of Sriwijaya for the king of Nalanda in order to make a monastery as a special location of Sriwijaya society who want to learn Buddhism directly in India. [Read Also: Royal Hindu Kingdom in Indonesia]

2. The open nature of the Indonesian people

In addition to the background of the archipelago nation that is still not familiar with religion, the acceptance of Hindu and Buddhist doctrine is also caused by the nature of the people of Indonesia, which is not uncommon times open to differences. That openness encourages social interaction and makes the spread of Hindu Buddhism easier.

3. Hindu Buddhism has a culture that is almost similar to the community’s initial belief

Cultural customs of Hinduism and Buddhism have in fact not a little similarity with the culture of animist beliefs and dynamism that is currently growing in the community. This is demonstrated by the similarity of punden staircases with the sacred format of Buddhist worship used for worship, the similarity of religious ceremonies, and the same belief in life after death.

The common cultural similarity between the Buddhist Hindu doctrine and the prevailing local beliefs, creating the spread and acceptance of the society towards the Buddhist Hindu doctrine becomes easier.

4. The influence of the ruler of the archipelago

The influence of the rulers of the archipelago who support the spread of Hinduism Buddhism became the argument why the people of Indonesia are easy to accept the doctrine of Hindu Buddhism in the past.

The point of view of the people of Indonesia at that time who saw their king as an ambassador of God encouraged them to follow what was the command and action of their king. When the king embraces Hindu or Buddhist religion, then all his people will do the same.

Well, so are the three propositions underlying why the people of Indonesia are easy to accept the doctrine of Hindu Buddhism. With these three theorems, Hinduism and Buddhism are encouraged to become two religions of some large societies in the archipelago to the extent that the birth of a number of kingdoms with the style of religion in the past.

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